14 November 2014

Natural help for Psoriasis

Consistent and persistent long term natural treatment will provide the best and most positive results for Psoriasis!
Psoriasis is often triggered by prolonged stress, a traumatic event, food intolerance, liver congestion and vitamin B deficiency.   It is also linked to leaky gut and yeast fungal overgrowth.  In most cases the liver function is poor and is under stress. 
Allergy testing is very useful to determine foods that you might have intolerance to.  An elimination or rotation diet is a great way to determine foods that may produce a reaction, therefore suspected foods are not consumed more frequently than every 4 – 7 days thus determining the effect they have on you and allowing the body to desensitize itself.

The first consideration is to focus on daily diet.
A strong recommendation is to remove wheat from the diet for a minimum of six months.
Also remove cow’s milk for a minimum of six months; there are a lot of great alternatives such as almond milk or goat’s milk.  My recommendation would be semi-skimmed goat’s milk.  It is the closet milk to mother’s milk which has soothing properties.  Consume food that is primarily alkaline in reaction.
If possible try detoxing and then a fast of vegetable juices for a few days.  This is recommended regularly.  XanGo has a great natural detox that cleans your liver and colon called Favao Detox.  See www.MyMangosteen.biz/PureWholeness for more information or get in touch with Catherine via email.

Foods that are good for you -  Raw vegetables – at least once daily.
A good variety of fresh food, increase fruit and vegetables daily.
Carrots, kale, figs, prunes, spinach, watercress and papaya.
Yellow foods very beneficial in the long term – carrots are very beneficial, butternut, avocados, bananas, papaya.  Soybeans.  High fibre – Brown rice, millet or buckwheat
Vegetable juices, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion coffee (this supports the liver) can be bought at most health food stores.
Natural probiotics yoghurt is a great daily addition to the diet which has many soothing benefits.   Salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies – consume fish at least twice a week.
Organic walnut or olive oil – drizzle over cooked food and add to salads.
Lean chicken
Drink lots of water and fluids.

Foods to avoid -  Wheat and gluten
Citrus fruits and Tomatoes
Red meats (including sausages, port, smoked meats)
Saturated and hydrogenated fats (margarine and fried foods)
Sweets.  Avoid Alcohol as much as possible, especially wine and cider
Pastry, Vinegar and Carbonated beverages.
Full fat dairy products, Tinned fish and meats
Coffee replace with Dandelion coffee which supports the liver
Cocoa and chocolate (pure raw chocolate is better and not as acidic

Apply Bergamot oil  or Vitamin A oil to lesions, followed by natural sunlight is best.

Mangosteen (XanGo Juice) has great health properties, and has been known to soothe this condition with remarkable results!  For more information please get in touch with Catherine and I will send you more information.