11 November 2021

A Quiet Mind

When you quiet your mind, The universe will surrender to you.  You will be amazed at the abundance flowing into your life.

Enjoy quiet time alone every day, this will give you renewed energy, clearer thinking, enhanced creativity and so much more.  Reap the benefits of quiet daily meditation, or just sitting in a quiet beautiful place, you deserve this quality time.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you.  You will soon notice the difference in your life.

2 July 2021

Hugs are Healthy

Hugs are a great way to increase our feel good hormones.  They increase self confidence, boost heart health and create closer bonds with those we love.  Hugs are healthy.  They lower blood pressure.  When you hug, touch or cuddle up to someone you love your body releases oxytocin which helps you to relax, lowers anxiety and increases your happiness.

11 June 2021

Avoid Seasonal Allergies

Enjoy summer, avoid seasonal allergies that ruin your fun.  Advice and recommendations with Catherine, Holistic Therapist.  For men, women and children of all ages.  Special offer until the end of June 2021.  Don’t suffer, heal yourself naturally.  Email to book.  purewholeness@gmail.com

29 May 2021

Nature is Our Therapy

Nature is a great stress reliever and helps to prevent exhaustion.  It boosts our immunity and is great for healthy heart and lungs.  Breathe slowly, deeply and mindfully.  Embrace your natural surroundings.  It improves mood and energy levels.  There are lots of great reasons to enjoy nature not least of all it is so good for our mental health and well-being.  

14 April 2021

Tasty Detox Drink

 This is a tasty and very effective detox drink.  Combine two cups of chopped and peeled watermelon (don’t worry about the seeds).  One cup of cucumber, skin and all.  One tablespoon of fresh lemon or lime juice and four or five large mint leaves chopped.  Blend it all together and drink.  I enjoyed this on a strict detox day and feel great.

4 February 2021

An Encouraging Review

Stacey said “Catherine has really helped me to manage my vitamin intake by taking the time to discuss all my health concerns. Following this she helped me to choose the correct vitamins and minerals which are supporting my diet. I feel confident that Catherine’s expertise has aided in me feeling healthy and full of energy. I am also sleeping really well now. I can highly recommend her in supporting your healthy lifestyle choices. Thank you again Catherine.”