7 February 2015

Get through Menopause naturally.

Menopause can be a trying time, but natural help is available.  Hot flushes may be corrected by proper diet, exercise and Vitamin E supplements.  Try eating legumes such as lentils, peas and beans are beneficial (try organic or fresh as these are better for you.)  As a snack, seeds and nuts (especially sunflower seeds).  Foods that contain Vitamin B Complex, Iodine, Iron and calcium are good as is lecithin and seaweed.  Your diet should exclude caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol (greatly reduce), spicy foods, animal foods and deep water fish.

Vitamin supplements recommended:-  Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B5 (anti-stress), Vitamin B6 (reduces oedema), Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin E 400 i.u. Calcium twice daily and Magnesium.
Mineral supplements -:  Zinc, PBA
Other useful supplements: - Evening Primrose Oil, Probiotics (helps with hormonal balance), Kelp (contains iodine), lecithin before meals, and garlic.  Oats is a good nervine sedative.
Botanicals: - Lady’s Slipper (for anxiety and insomnia).  Sage (relieves hot flushes and is anti-hydrotic), fennel, chamomile (calmative), catnip, pulsatilla and valerian.

It is important to cleanse your liver, get plenty of exercise, drink plenty of clear fluids, minimise stress, get enough quality sleep, swim in the sea when you can, breathe deeply in fresh air, meditate daily, play soft music before you go to sleep and hot foot baths are good as this draws blood away from the head.  Warm baths – ensure they are not too hot, and relax for awhile in the warm water.

Relax into the situation and enjoy each day as it comes