15 July 2017

Zija and XanGo

You are possibly wondering why I am now promoting moringa, it is due to the increase in my business. XanGo joined forces with Zija in May and we now have the great benefit of all our XanGo products in addition to the great Zija range too. Please feel free to ask me any questions, there is no price for knowledge ... Just answers!

9 July 2017

Guidelines for storing food

Have you heard the age old saying "waste not want not". I grew up understanding the full value of this. If we store our food correctly we will find we waste far less food. When freezing food your freezer should be set at -18 degrees. The fridge should be set at between 3 - 5 degrees. Did you know that storing milk on a shelf where it is cooler is far better than in the side door of the fridge? Mostly when we buy fresh food and vegetables there is an element of waste, this food needs to be consumed quickly in order to avoid it decomposing. There is the choice of buying fruit and vegetables that have already been frozen, you will find you will only use what you need and it will probably save you money too. I must admit to preferring fresh fruit and vegetables but not adverse to the frozen idea.