30 October 2017

Upset tummy

Have you ever suffered from diarrhea and wondered what you can do about it? This could have been caused by a variety of things, maybe something you ate that did not agree with you. Natural home remedies work well. Try hot fresh ginger tea with a teaspoon of honey, you can drink several cups throughout the day which will alleviate any cramps you may have. Ensure that you also drink enough water throughout the day, as you could easily become dehydrated. Natural yoghurt is also good (ensure you find one with with live cultures), this helps to fight the bad bacteria in your gut. Don't exert yourself and rest as much as possible.

15 September 2017

Seasonal Colds and Flu

Season changes, especially going into Autumn may increase the chances of catching the common cold and flu bugs. We can increase our chances of avoiding these by eating fresh berries. The flavonoids in berries are known for their immune boosting properties, this will help your body to flight infections. Blueberries, cherries and blackberries are top of this list and a great choice. The good news for those who enjoy an occasional glass of wine, is that this also has the same properties. However, over-indulgence is counter productive. A glass or two once a week is known to have positive benefits. Eating berries and increasing the flavonoids your body receives, also has great benefits for reducing erectile dysfunction.

22 August 2017

Our services

As a Holistic Therapist my aim is to heal the body with natural therapies ranging from allergy testing (which encompasses diet, testing for allergies to foods and other substances or things in your home and work place) to Irididology which is a non-invasive method of gaining insight into changes in the body, through the iris of your eye.  Catherine focuses on holistic advice that assists in restoring your health and well-being by looking at your overall current health, health history, diet, what allergies are affecting you and the causes, supplements that will help support you, detoxification, water, recommendations for stress management and exercise. 

Clients who have received treatment have experienced a vast improvement in their health.  Conditions have been varied and examples are allergies and intolerance's to food and things in ones home and work place.  Eczema and psoriasis, weight control and management, digestive problems, candida albicans, insomnia, recurring infections, depression, panic attacks, migraines, hormonal imbalances, hot flushes, period problems, mood swings, arthritis and various problems in children.   This list is far from conclusive.  What is ailing you today what we may be able to assist with?

Call Catherine for a free 15 minute evaluation of your symptoms and I will tell you whether or not I am able to assist you.  If I am unable to help you, I will advise you of a more appropriate therapy.   Call me on +44 (0) 7816189906

The first consultation will take approximately one hour.   I will look at your medical history and life history.   Should this first consultation be via Skype, we will discuss your history in detail.   In the event of this first consultation being in person, I may use iridology (looking into the iris of your eye), look at your tongue, nails and hair and skin.

My approach to Natural Health

The healing power of nature can sometimes be under estimated.  Nature has the innate ability to heal everyone.
I identify and treat the cause, there is always an underlying cause, be it physical, mental or emotional. 
Do no harm.  As a holistic therapist I never use treatments that may create other conditions. 
I treat the whole person.  When preparing a treatment plan, the total persona is being taken into consideration. 
A Holistic Therapist empowers the client to take responsibility for their own health by guiding you every step of the way to continual self-care and management.
Prevention is better than cure and a Holistic Therapist will endeavour to remove toxic substances and situations from a patient’s lifestyle to prevent the onset of further disease.

One's body has the innate capacity to heal itself given the right circumstances and conditions.   With natural health and medicine this is possible.   Hippocrates said " Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a 
matter of opportunity."

Call Catherine now for more informal advice on +44 (0) 7816189906

3 August 2017

Probiotic Yoghurt and Depression

In a recent article I read it said that "Yogurt could help combat depression..." The reason behind this is that a large percentage of adults suffer some form of IBS (better known as irritable bowel syndrome) and also have symptoms of depression. I must say that there are so many differing forms, types and stages of depression. However, that is a subject on its own. People who consume yoghurt that has live cultures in it (which has also been termed as "good bacteria") researchers say, that within around six weeks of consuming yoghurt with probiotics, they found that their mental health improved. 
For anyone suffering from any form of depression, natural probiotic yoghurt would be a great addition to your daily diet.

15 July 2017

Zija and XanGo

You are possibly wondering why I am now promoting moringa, it is due to the increase in my business. XanGo joined forces with Zija in May and we now have the great benefit of all our XanGo products in addition to the great Zija range too. Please feel free to ask me any questions, there is no price for knowledge ... Just answers!

9 July 2017

Guidelines for storing food

Have you heard the age old saying "waste not want not". I grew up understanding the full value of this. If we store our food correctly we will find we waste far less food. When freezing food your freezer should be set at -18 degrees. The fridge should be set at between 3 - 5 degrees. Did you know that storing milk on a shelf where it is cooler is far better than in the side door of the fridge? Mostly when we buy fresh food and vegetables there is an element of waste, this food needs to be consumed quickly in order to avoid it decomposing. There is the choice of buying fruit and vegetables that have already been frozen, you will find you will only use what you need and it will probably save you money too. I must admit to preferring fresh fruit and vegetables but not adverse to the frozen idea.

13 June 2017

Initial Consultation via Skype

A holistic consultation with me utilizes all my skills, rather than just one aspect of my qualifications. Clients find this very beneficial.  I am qualified in both Allergy Testing and Iridology and currently studying herbalism.

I am available for skype consultations.  Certainly in the first instance this is very practical, and we can cover a lot of ground.  I am offering a package of 4 consultations for a reduced rate.  For more information please email me at 
purewholeness@gmail.com or call me
on +44 (0) 7816189906

For international clients this can be further reduced as it will be purely advice and consultative based.  Should international clients need a therapist for more hands-on treatment I am able to refer them to other therapists within my network.

I look forward to working with you to restore your health naturally.

VTCT Level 3 Dip (Anatomy & Physiology) - Distinction
S.N.H.S Dip (Allergy Testing and Iridology) - Distinction

6 June 2017

Tips for travelling abroad

As I chat to more people travelling at this time of year, it is a concern of how to keep your immune system healthy. As different countries have different water systems and other factors in the environment that may affect you, purchase good quality natural probiotic tablets. These sealed tablets may be stored in your luggage, they will certainly be an aid to help maintain healthy gut flora. Also remember to only opt for bottled water. Enjoy your travels :)