26 October 2016

Natural advice for Syphilis

I watched a history program the other evening which showed skulls of people who had been plagued by syphilis. This awful venereal disease can be "silently" passed from one partner to another if undetected. It would start out with sores (pimple like) in the genital area and may even heal. In this primary stage a man or a woman is highly contagious! The secondary phase would be a rash not longer after the sore has appeared. A person is also highly contagious during this secondary phase. The stages do progress in this awful illness. It is imperative to catch this disease in the early stages as it may be cured with antibiotics. There are natural options but these are not proven to be as sure in eradicating this disease. Natural supplements are Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, zinc, and co enzyme Q10. Herbal supplements that would be very beneficial include garlic, kelp, hops and goldenseal. Mangosteen will also aid in this condition as the powerful xanthones in this fruit (which can only be obtained by drinking the full concentrated juice). Studies have found that the pharmacological properties of xanthones are anti-depressant, anti-tuberculotic, anti-microbial (bacteria and fungus), anti-viral, anti-leukemic, anti-tumor, anti-ulcer and anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory to mention but a few incredible properties. This picture is of someone who had tertiary syphilis.