5 December 2020

Herbalism with Pure-Wholeness

I have benefited from the use of herbal medicine since I was very young, I have studied and used this extensively over the years.  Since becoming a Holistic Therapist, I commenced my studies in the wonderful world of Herbalism.  I’m delighted to announce I have just graduated with a top class qualification in Herbalism.  

Herbalism can help you.

* It’s has been used effectively for centuries.

* It treats the whole person holistically 

* It is safe and gentle (use under the guidance of a herbalist)

* It is uniquely tailored to your needs.

* It is a multidisciplinary method of healing (combines anatomy, physiology, pathology, herbalism, phyto-chemistry and much more).

Message me to book your consultation online or in person.


27 November 2020

Positivity Network - Early Bird offers

In the spirit of giving, I’m extending all my early bird specials for the Positivity Network this Black Friday.   Join this exciting new Network group.

* The offer is until Monday 30th November.

* Don’t miss out on exciting gifts.

* A bonus month - free with the Positivity Network.

* Message me for a registration form and payment options.

Great reasons to join 😊

For more information and Amazing benefits of joining, visit - https://www.facebook.com/154057224690496/posts/3688271734602343/

Black Friday Special Offer

Pure-Wholeness is offering you a discount this Black Friday.

* Offer valid from 27th to 30th November.

* 10% off all services

* All services available online.

* Give the gift of health (for yourself or someone you love)

* Offer accepted for advance bookings when secured this weekend.  

* visit my website for more information on services offered.


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18 November 2020

New Positivity Network Online

 Amazing benefits of joining the Positivity Network...

* Inspiration & tips to live your most positive life

* Mental, Physical and Emotional support

* Guest Speakers on a wide range of topics to help with a positive life eg relationships, keeping a happy balance between work and your personal life,  mindset & health advice, fitness tips, overcoming stress & anxiety... and SO much more

* Two live webinars a month (recorded and available on replay if you can’t attend live)

* A private Facebook group community of likeminded people to share ideas, encourage & support one another.  A great way to gain an exciting new group of positive friends.

* Special discount offers to services outside the group, prizes and giveaways.

Focusing on Positivity gives us a renewed zest in every aspect of our lives.  It gives us confidence and helps us through difficult situations.  Positivity helps us to achieve our dreams and goals.

You don’t have to do this alone 😊

Message me for a registration form, don’t miss out on the free surprise gifts that will be given to the first few who register before the 27th November.

29 August 2020

High Quality Supplements

I am a retailer for a wide range of high quality supplements, made in the UK.
For all supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, amino acids, sports nutrition, weight loss and pet nutrition).
Enquiries or orders please get in touch with Catherine.  Orders placed securely online and delivered directly to you.  
Delivery is also available to countries outside the United Kingdom

16 August 2020

Natural advice for Insomnia

Insomnia can be a very frustrating situation to find yourself in.  How do you go about rectifying that situation?  Here are a few natural tips that will help.  Get in touch with Catherine for a one to one consultation.  Help is available, don’t suffer ....

15 May 2020

Natural Health and Wellness Online

In these unprecedented times where health and well-being is of optimum concern to us all, I am available online to advise you at a safe distance, in the comfort of your home.
Natural health and wellness to gain your health and vitality.  Boost your Immunity.   Advice on Allergies and Intolerances.  Nutrition, Weight Management, Herbs and Supplements delivered directly to you.   Mentoring and Life Skills.  I consult all age groups with varying health conditions.  How may I assist you?

27 January 2020

Revitalise yourself

Feel revitalised, give your health a positive lift.  Consulting Catherine (Holistic Therapist), will help to determine foods, products or allergens in the environment that have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing.  I work alongside you, determining allergies, assessing nutrition, assisting with weight management, suggesting supplements and lifestyle changes.  Together with iridology and my experience as a mentor and positive encourager, who has a passion for health and well-being, I will help you restore your health and vitality.

How may I assist you today?  I have many years of experience in varying health conditions from babies to adults.
Catherine ( Holistic Therapist)