17 October 2013

Ignite - Energy the natural way!

Ignite made by XanGo combines key ingredients like L-Arginine, L-Norvaline, L-Citrulline, beetroot powder and mangosteen, working harmoniously to increase nitric oxide in your body, boosting your performance naturally day in and day out!

Dr. Cooke addresses in his book what Nitric Oxide (NO) does for blood vessels. "In a healthy endothelium, NO does the following:
Keeps vessels pliable and elastic.  Keeps blood flowing smoothly.  Keeps platelets calm and prevents them from sticking to the vessel wall.  Keeps white blood cells calm and prevents them from sticking to the vessel wall.  Regulates oxidative enzymes in the cell, preventing oxidation.  Reduces growth and multiplication of muscle cells that thicken the vessel wall.  Slows plaque growth and suppresses atherosclerosis.  May melt away plaque that already exists."

Are you taking charge of your personal cardiovascular performance as part of your health regime? 

Try Ignite and increase your performance naturally.