12 December 2014

Natural energy drink - Limitless

I received two great testimonies today of what XanGo's Limitless does for other people. 
Amanda said "Could not reply until I checked out the Limitless product, which I did yesterday, felt great all day and got so much done! Can one little sachet really do this, brilliant. Happy to endorse this at our next meeting"

Christine said "I drank one Limitless sachet on Monday morning at 6.30 am, I felt I was more levelled and had more sustained energy throughout the day.  This was more sustained energy than I usually feel on what is usually a very busy day for me.” 

My own personal experience of Limitless is similar to these ladies.  I took a sachet on Friday 7th November before rushing out to a meeting.  I knew I had a very busy day ahead.  Wow, I had such incredible sustained energy throughout the day, and felt a buzz of energy that was different to what I normally feel."

Limitless is a natural energy drink that will outlast any cup of coffee or retailed energy drink.  You will find you have sustained energy, without the peaks and dips that one usually feels during the day when consuming other products.  Limitless is good for your body, and used by marathon runners for natural endurance when they are competing.  Get in touch with me today to order yours!

Have a happy and healthy Christmas :)

14 November 2014

Natural help for Psoriasis

Consistent and persistent long term natural treatment will provide the best and most positive results for Psoriasis!
Psoriasis is often triggered by prolonged stress, a traumatic event, food intolerance, liver congestion and vitamin B deficiency.   It is also linked to leaky gut and yeast fungal overgrowth.  In most cases the liver function is poor and is under stress. 
Allergy testing is very useful to determine foods that you might have intolerance to.  An elimination or rotation diet is a great way to determine foods that may produce a reaction, therefore suspected foods are not consumed more frequently than every 4 – 7 days thus determining the effect they have on you and allowing the body to desensitize itself.

The first consideration is to focus on daily diet.
A strong recommendation is to remove wheat from the diet for a minimum of six months.
Also remove cow’s milk for a minimum of six months; there are a lot of great alternatives such as almond milk or goat’s milk.  My recommendation would be semi-skimmed goat’s milk.  It is the closet milk to mother’s milk which has soothing properties.  Consume food that is primarily alkaline in reaction.
If possible try detoxing and then a fast of vegetable juices for a few days.  This is recommended regularly.  XanGo has a great natural detox that cleans your liver and colon called Favao Detox.  See www.MyMangosteen.biz/PureWholeness for more information or get in touch with Catherine via email.

Foods that are good for you -  Raw vegetables – at least once daily.
A good variety of fresh food, increase fruit and vegetables daily.
Carrots, kale, figs, prunes, spinach, watercress and papaya.
Yellow foods very beneficial in the long term – carrots are very beneficial, butternut, avocados, bananas, papaya.  Soybeans.  High fibre – Brown rice, millet or buckwheat
Vegetable juices, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion coffee (this supports the liver) can be bought at most health food stores.
Natural probiotics yoghurt is a great daily addition to the diet which has many soothing benefits.   Salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies – consume fish at least twice a week.
Organic walnut or olive oil – drizzle over cooked food and add to salads.
Lean chicken
Drink lots of water and fluids.

Foods to avoid -  Wheat and gluten
Citrus fruits and Tomatoes
Red meats (including sausages, port, smoked meats)
Saturated and hydrogenated fats (margarine and fried foods)
Sweets.  Avoid Alcohol as much as possible, especially wine and cider
Pastry, Vinegar and Carbonated beverages.
Full fat dairy products, Tinned fish and meats
Coffee replace with Dandelion coffee which supports the liver
Cocoa and chocolate (pure raw chocolate is better and not as acidic

Apply Bergamot oil  or Vitamin A oil to lesions, followed by natural sunlight is best.

Mangosteen (XanGo Juice) has great health properties, and has been known to soothe this condition with remarkable results!  For more information please get in touch with Catherine and I will send you more information.

29 August 2014

Mangosteen and the Ebola Virus

“HSPA5 is an essential host factor for the Ebola virus. (It's been identified as an ebolavirus-associated host protein.) As it turns out, EGCG seems to inhibit HSPA5, the chaperone protein essential for Ebola virus infection. Both in vitro ...and in vivo gene targeting impaired viral replication and protected animals in a lethal infection model.“

I would like to emphasise that mangosteen juice will not offer protection against Ebola, but it is good to be armed with such a powerful natural inhibitor. Mangosteen is a great health drink, and one that the whole family can enjoy.

15 July 2014

Facts about XanGo Juice

What is XANGO Juice?
XANGO Juice is the original mangosteen dietary supplement that captures the refreshing, sweet, tangy flavor and natural color of the mangosteen fruit. XANGO Juice’s proprietary, puree formula uses the whole mangosteen fruit, from its dark, reddish purple nutrient-dense rind to the white fleshy pulp – through which all of the mangosteen health benefits are delivered as nature intended.

What are xanthones?
While most people know about the antioxidant benefits of vitamins C and E, far fewer are aware of the incredibly potent antioxidant power of xanthones. Xanthones are powerful phytonutrients, naturally occurring nutrients found in plants, that have won high praise from numerous scientists and researchers. Major medical institutions around the world continue to study xanthones for their potential to support long-term health.

Why the name XANGO?
XANGO derives its name from two words: XAN from xanthones and GO from mangosteen.

Why hasn’t a mangosteen dietary supplement been brought to market before XANGO Juice?
Many researchers around the world have wondered this same thing. The mangosteen and its xanthone-rich pericarp, or rind, have been used traditionally for thousands of years, and xanthones have been the subject of extensive positive scientific research. But until Joe Morton and the other founders of XANGO took the steps necessary to bring this fruit and its benefits to the world, no one else saw the vision. XANGO is the original, a true category creator.

Is XANGO Juice approved by the FDA?
As a dietary supplement, XANGO Juice is a food. While foods do not need FDA approval prior to introduction into the market, XANGO Juice is subject to existing food and dietary supplement laws, such as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, dietary supplement good manufacturing practices, and adverse event reporting requirements. As is required by law, XANGO has established the safety and purity of all its ingredients through independent laboratory testing prior to launching XANGO Juice.

Where does the mangosteen fruit come from?
Native to Southeast Asia and the national fruit of Thailand, the mangosteen is a delicate fruit that only grows under perfect conditions. Enthusiasts of the mangosteen have attempted to grow it elsewhere, but have experienced limited success in Australia and small pockets of South America and the Caribbean.

Is the harvesting of the mangosteen fruit environmentally friendly?
Fortunately, the mangosteen has its own natural defense against pests that includes a yellow latex that it excretes to smother any predators. Because of this, no pesticides are used on the crop that XANGO cultivates for its products. Likewise, XANGO chooses not to use other chemical treatments during the harvest.

What are the ingredients in XANGO Juice?
Rich in xanthones, the mangosteen pericarp helps to provide the nutrient power found in XANGO Juice while the pulp adds incredible flavor. XANGO Juice is made from a puree of the whole fruit that includes the rind, pulp and seeds. A few additional natural fruit juices are blended, according to a proprietary formula, to round off the flavor of the mangosteen rind and create XANGO Juice’s unique taste.

Is the amount of xanthones per bottle standardized?
XANGO Juice is a natural blend of the whole mangosteen fruit with no extracts. Because XANGO delivers whole fruit benefits, there are some slight variations from batch to batch due to the natural variations in the fruit.

Why does it seem that some bottles have more pericarp than others?
The pericarp, or rind, of the mangosteen is rich in natural xanthones. Even when pureed, the pericarp elements remain a solid suspended in liquid. Every bottle contains the same XANGO formula, but because settling occurs, some bottles will seem to contain more solids. Simply shake vigorously before serving.

How much mangosteen is in XANGO Juice?
The amount of mangosteen in XANGO Juice is part of our proprietary formula. However, it is the number one ingredient in XANGO Juice. The mangosteen fruit itself contains 39 known xanthones and the majority of those are in the pericarp of the fruit. At this point in time, we are the only company to use the entire mangosteen fruit, including the nutrient-rich rind known as the pericarp, in a beverage.

What is the recommended intake of XANGO Juice?
While our label says 1–3 ounces daily, studies show 1-3 ounces taken 2-3 times daily proves optimal for best benefits. However, many people choose to vary from this amount, tailoring consumption to their personal preferences.

Should I continue taking vitamins and minerals if I drink XANGO Juice regularly?
Absolutely. As part of our XANGO product offering, XANGO 3SIXTY5™ multivitamin mineral supplement works synergistically with your daily consumption of XANGO Juice to offer complete daily nutrition.

Is it safe to take XANGO Juice with medications?
There are no known contraindications with XANGO Juice and medications. However, XANGO Juice is a dietary supplement and if you are consuming any medications or have a known medical condition it is best to consult with your health care provider or pharmacist before consuming XANGO Juice.

Is XANGO Juice safe for everyone?
Yes. XANGO Juice is made from the whole-fruit purée of the mangosteen fruit. The whole mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) contains nature’s highest concentration of beneficial xanthones as well as high amounts of beneficial natural plant compounds called phytonutrients. Responsible for the pigmentation in botanicals, phytonutrients contain high amounts of antioxidants that support good health. XANGO Juice meetsthe highest safety and manufacturing standards and has been tested to be safe for anyone ages 2 to 90 years old. Independent testing by Consumer Labs has also verified XANGO Juice as free from banned substances and suitable for all level of athletes. The amount of XANGO Juice consumed may vary for the body size of a person, and you should always check with a trusted physician before beginning any new dietary program.

How safe is the production of XANGO Juice?
We have a strategic production partnership with an ISO 9001-certified food-and-beverage-industry giant. Before you consume XANGO Juice it goes through more than 220 quality tests to ensure it meets the highest standards of cleanliness and quality in the world.

Is XANGO Juice pasteurized or heat processed?
Yes. Government regulations require either pasteurization for the safety of consumers or a warning label of possible microbial contamination in products that are not pasteurized. Extensive research reveals that these processes do not affect the xanthone content or efficacy in XANGO Juice, largely because the mangosteen is one of a select number of fruits that retains its nutritional value under heat.

Are there any preservatives in XANGO Juice?
Sodium benzoate is added to ensure the safety of XANGO. Sodium benzoate carries the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) designation by the FDA. It is used as an antimicrobial agent in very small amounts, and is added as part of the world-recognized Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in food and beverage processing.

Is XANGO Juice organic?
XANGO Juice is not certified organic; however, mangosteen used in XANGO Juice is pesticide-free. Also, XANGO Juice is unique as it uses a puree of the whole mangosteen fruit rather than a concentrate of the "queen of fruits."

What is the shelf life of XANGO Juice?
While XANGO Juice boasts a shelf life of two years in an unopened bottle, it is always preferable to check the "Best by" date on the bottom of each bottle. Once opened, the bottle should be refrigerated and consumed within 30 days.

What kinds of sugars are used in XANGO Juice?
There are no added sugars in XANGO Juice, only naturally occurring fructose.

Does XANGO Juice contain potassium?
The fruits used in formulating XANGO Juice contain potassium as a natural component. Our analysis shows potassium levels at 210mg/100g. This is about 50-57mg per 2-oz. serving.

Does XANGO Juice contain MSG?
No. XANGO Juice is free of MSG.

Does XANGO Juice contain gluten?
No. XANGO Juice is naturally gluten free.

Does XANGO Juice contain vitamin K?
No. XANGO Juice does not contain vitamin K.

Does XANGO Juice contain any sulfur?
No. XANGO Juice does not contain any sulfur.

Does XANGO Juice contain any silicates?
No. XANGO Juice does not contain any silicates.

Is XANGO Juice Kosher?
No. XANGO Juice is not Kosher.

Is XANGO Juice Halal certified?
Yes. XANGO Juice is Halal Certified

Information about Bioflavonoids in XANGO Juice

What are Bioflavonoids?
Bioflavonoids, also known simply as flavonoids, are found throughout the mangosteen. Flavonoids are compounds responsible for the coloring in fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are also responsible for major health benefits and antioxidant properties. Catechins and Proanthocyanidins are two exciting bioflavonoids and happen to be found in significant amounts in the whole mangosteen fruit.

What are Catechins?
Catechins are flavonoid phytochemical compounds. Due to their potent antioxidant capabilities, catechins—often referred to as "tea flavonoids"—are being studied by scientists worldwide. In experimental models, catechins show a wide range of beneficial effects, including the maintenance of healthy cells and cardiovascular systems.

What are Proanthocyanidins?
Proanthocyanidins are antioxidant flavonoids that help in the stabilization of collagen and elastin—two critical proteins in the connective tissues that support organs, joints, blood vessels and muscle. Proanthocyanidins have been shown to support vascular health.

For more information please visit:  www.MyMangosteen.biz/PureWholeness

9 June 2014

Mangosteen for cancer

There are many independent studies that have found mangosteen to be helpful for cancer patients, and the results are remarkable! Dr Amod Tootla (world renowned cancer specialist) tested mangosteen on over 1,800 of his patients, all of whom returned remarking at the surprisingly positive results they experienced. If you would like to do your own research I suggest you go to www.pubmed.gov and type "mangosteen" in your search and then separately "xanthones". A lot of the studies are centred on varying forms of cancer. This link I have attached here relates to breast cancer. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24894151

For more information on the whole fruit concentrated patented XanGo Juice,
please contact Catherine on 07816189906 or at

XanGo Juice
a patented formula made from the whole fruit of a mangosteen.

14 May 2014

Foods to avoid in hayfever season!

As part of my studies in allergy testing a large percentage of my course was diet and nutrition. During hayfever season one should avoid eating mucous forming foods such as wheat, rye and barley. Ensure that you opt for brown rice, walnuts and oily fish which will give you the adequate essential fatty acids in your diet. A great addition would also be an omega 3 and omega 6 supplement. For those in the UK, I am able to supply you with a high quality vitamin made by Lamberts. Let me know if I can help you for either a consultation, or advice on vitamins and supplements.

1 May 2014

Mother's Day - a natural gift idea!

Mother's Day is fast approaching, have you thought what gift you would like to indulge your mother with?  Juni is a great natural (toxin and additive free) personal care range.  A "perfect gift" for that mum who "always made sure you cleaned behind your ears." Juni offers safe, all natural ingredients, don't you think your mum will enjoy this luxurious gift more than a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers?  Juni will last a lot longer, and bring a smile to her face! 

For orders in many countries around the world, delivered directly to your door, please visit


16 April 2014

Puffy eyes - natural tips

Puffy eyes – These may indicate kidney problems and a build of up toxins in the body.  In some cases it is also an intolerance or allergy to foods that have been eaten.  Avoidance of wheat and dairy products is a good idea, flush out your body with adequate water, and after 3 to 5 days see if the problem has been alleviated.  A good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is important; find one that is suitable for your age and gender.  Is your thyroid under-active?  Ask your doctor for a simple blood test to determine this.
There are other aspects that could also be causing this problem. 
Contact Catherine for a consultation to determine how we can assist you naturally.

7 March 2014

What Doctors say about Mangosteen

I am privileged to work alongside several world renowned physicians, who have years of experience as to the health benefits of mangosteen. This is what a few of them have to say.

Dr F. Templeman is a primary care physician, certified in both the United States and Canada, with over twenty years of clinical experience.
As Medical Director of Phytoceutical Research, Dr. Templeman is internationally sought after as a speaker and author on health, nutrition, and the healing properties of the Mangosteen fruit.

“I still lose sleep thinking about what the Mangosteen means to the world of dietary supplements. As I travel around the country lecturing on the health benefits of the Mangosteen, I am inevitably asked to comment on the “science” behind the fruit. As a result, I carry with me a large binder that is almost four inches thick. It contains many of the journal articles and research papers from schools of pharmacy and medicine where scientists have put the Mangosteen's xanthones to the test under experimental conditions. The impersonal facts of the studies are set out in cold scientific terms that describe cell cultures, spectrometric analysis, and observations in laboratory animals.

The Mangosteen's benefits spans a wide range of effects: anti-inflammatory (stronger than indomethacin), anti-microbial (against viruses, bacteria and fungi), anti-tumour (tested successfully against six chemotherapy agents), anti-aging, anti-fatigue, potent antioxidant effect, anti-atherosclerotic, antihistamine, and the list goes on!

I am convinced that Mangosteen will, without a doubt, be the most successful food supplement ever. It will be bigger than Aloe Vera."

Dr. Tootla is a world-renowned, board certified cancer surgeon and leading scientist. Named one of the top surgeons in the United States by the Consumer Research Council of America in Washington, DC for the last five years, he has also been named by Cambridge University as one of the top 2000 scientists in the world for the 21st Century.

Dr. Tootla is licensed to practice in 20 different countries and has the distinction of having introduced robotic surgery in the United States. He is a pioneer of laparoscopic colon surgery and has published numerous papers in the most prestigious medical journals in the world, including the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr Tootla was the first surgeon to do surgery over the internet – from Michigan to Buenos Aires in Argentina – as reported on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
Dr. Tootla has used Mangosteen Juice successfully with over 1800 of his patients.

Armando V. Deguzman, M.D
I have a patient who came to me with many tumours on his neck. I was fairly positive that it was cancer, and when we did a biopsy, it turned out to be squamous cell carcinoma. I recommended the mangosteen juice after reading about its anti-cancer properties.
The tumours began to shrink after using mangosteen and having only one round of chemotherapy. The tumour went from 8 cm to 1 cm, which generally takes five or six rounds of chemotherapy.
It seems that more and more medical doctors are opening their minds to complementing with natural, alternative solutions. In fact, there has been an increase in visits to alternative practitioners in the last few years. More patients are becoming educated about natural alternatives and approach us with questions and suggestions. I personally think mangosteen is a superior natural product because it has been researched for the last 20 plus years and even more so in the last five years, and the findings are amazing. “

Should you be interested in more information on the powerful health benefits of this fruit, please get in touch with me at



2 February 2014

Appetite control naturally

FAVAO Metabolic combines mangosteen with other natural ingredients to promote appetite control, fat burning and a healthy metabolism. This exclusive formula increases energy and promotes feelings of wellness. I've personally had great success with this product. Here are just three other success stories I've selected, there many more.

"Naomi Michael Anderson - FAVAO!!! We are now in our 5th week. Ken has lost 23 lbs, and I have lost 13 lbs! I've lost 4" in my waist and 4" in my hips. Thank You Xango for Your Awesome Products!!! "

"Amy Brown - I am down 7.5 lbs in 10 days! More than I lost all last summer when I was on Weight Watchers! I don't have a lot to lose, so a loss like this is huge!!!"

"Holly Coenen - I AM FEELING GREAT! I weighed in yesterday and I am down 12 pounds! Unbelievable...FAVAO is the easiest program I've ever followed."

For more information or to place an order please get in touch with me. To your success!