20 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Health and Wholeness Naturally!

6 December 2013

A Healthy and Happy Christmas

Why not give a gift of health to those you love and care about this Christmas?  We have great stocking filler ideas in our personal and skin care ranges for everyone, all toxin and additive free.
Another great idea would be the gift of natural health and wellness with mangosteen juice - this aids a variety of ailments.  Favao offers a healthy eating programme and will be welcome by those who look forward to detoxing after the festive season! 

Whatever your choice, there can be no better gift than a healthy one!


18 November 2013

Energy drink comparison

Opting for a natural energy drink is better for you.  Try Limitless it is 100% natural - you will not be sorry you did!  This is available through Pure Wholeness, get in touch with us for more information.

17 October 2013

Ignite - Energy the natural way!

Ignite made by XanGo combines key ingredients like L-Arginine, L-Norvaline, L-Citrulline, beetroot powder and mangosteen, working harmoniously to increase nitric oxide in your body, boosting your performance naturally day in and day out!

Dr. Cooke addresses in his book what Nitric Oxide (NO) does for blood vessels. "In a healthy endothelium, NO does the following:
Keeps vessels pliable and elastic.  Keeps blood flowing smoothly.  Keeps platelets calm and prevents them from sticking to the vessel wall.  Keeps white blood cells calm and prevents them from sticking to the vessel wall.  Regulates oxidative enzymes in the cell, preventing oxidation.  Reduces growth and multiplication of muscle cells that thicken the vessel wall.  Slows plaque growth and suppresses atherosclerosis.  May melt away plaque that already exists."

Are you taking charge of your personal cardiovascular performance as part of your health regime? 

Try Ignite and increase your performance naturally.

27 September 2013

XALO - the "ageless" revolution!

XALO - the "ageless" revolution is here, thanks to XanGo for the great new release of this product today.

Xalo is based on ground breaking revolutionary science, revitalizes the cells that make up your body’s entire composition thus giving you un-inhibited zest for life. Protects and repairs the damaging effects of environmental stressors at the cellular level, working to address ageing at its most fundamental source. Revitalizing and repairing your body’s cells through unique blends, Xalo improves from the inside out, benefitting your heart, your muscles and your appearance.

Supports healthy DNA function and cellular energy production, improving mental and physical stamina.

Aids the body in stress management, promoting mental balance while reducing body fatigue.
Supports cardiovascular health by improving circulation.
Helps accelerate muscle regeneration and growth.
Balances hormone levels for improved sexual wellness.
Improves mood and well-being.
Provides antioxidants to combat free radicals produced through the normal ageing process.

2 August 2013

Quit Smoking Naturally!

This is never something that is easy, however many people from all walks of life have successfully done so – you can too!

Did you know that smoking triggers nine out of every ten cases of cancer, and every fifteen minutes someone dies thanks to the effects of smoking on their body?
Passive smoking also kills!  So, if you smoke I implore you to seriously consider that the best lifelong healthy option for both you and those closest to you would be to quit this habit soonest.

Smoking depletes you body of vitamin C.  Cigarettes also increase the monoxide levels in your body and it takes your circulatory system six hours to return to normal after just one cigarette.  Smoking has been linked to a variety of health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, strokes, high blood pressure and numerous other chronic diseases.  Smoking also ages your skin – so come on ladies let’s work with you to help you quit so that you can enjoy a more youthful and radiant skin tone.

If you control your blood sugar it will be easier to give up smoking for good and this will help you avoid the mood swings associated with the withdrawal.  In the first instance it would be advisable to cut down on drinks you enjoy just before you light up your cigarette such as wine, beer, coffee, cola, or tea.  Cut down on saturated animal fats as these harden one’s arteries over a period of time and also refined starchy and sugary foods.

Smoking is known to make your body more acid and therefore you will need to eat plenty of foods that re-alkalize your body such as fresh fruit and vegetables.  Oats is used as a nerve tonic and this should reduce the addition and cravings you might feel.  Use unrefined sunflower or oil oil for your salad dressings.  Increase your leafy greens such as cabbage, watercress, spring greens, spinach and kale – this also reduces the risk of lung cancer.  Drink organic green teas which are high in antioxidants.  Cantaloupe melons, pumpkin, apricots, carrots, papaya, French beans, mangoes, raw parsley and watercress are all high in naturally sourced carotenes, these foods will help protect lung tissue.  Eat more oily fish.  Eat small meals regularly to control your blood sugar levels.

Useful supplements -:  A high strength multi vitamin (ensure it has a full variety of B vitamins).  Ensure you have a daily dose of a good natural vitamin C supplement.  Magnesium will help with your breathing especially before retiring each evening.  XanGo Juice Reserva is also known to help reduce the cravings and stabilise your blood sugar levels.  Mangosteen which is found in XanGo Juice has many healing properties thanks to the Xanthones and Phytonutrients.

Soak in an Epsom salt bath or sea salt bath, this helps to draw out the nicotine through your pores.  If you accompany this with skin brushing it will aid this process even further.  I would suggest purchasing a natural hair body brush or loofah.

I look forward to encouraging you through this process.

11 April 2013

A Natural Approach to Dementia

Dementia comes in varying forms such as impaired judgement, inability to do everyday things and a loss of personality.
My approach would be a natural one and I'd suggest various dietary principles such as a low fat intake, eat foods that are unrefined and preferably organic. Choose foods from a broad cross section that are wholesome and fresh, include whole grains and chlorophyll rich foods. Eat a good portion of protein for breakfast, high protein lunch, and high carbohydrate dinner and then relax. This order will aid your relaxation at the end of the day. Water is always important and drinking filtered water daily would be good.

It is recommended that dairy milk is eliminated from the diet, red meats and processed meats. Choose cold water fish where possible. Avoid fast foods and fried foods and reduce alcohol consumption dramatically. Eliminate any foods containing aspartamine or saccharine; these additives are toxic to our bodies. It is advisable to check your food sensitivity especially to milk and wheat.

Pain in the body causes stress, try to reduce this; I would recommend mangosteen.  Mangosteen has anti-inflammatory properties, is natural and has no toxins or additives. Mangosteen is also known to have great success with dementia sufferers. Reduce stress as much as possible, if this is not properly managed it can become a chronic situation and can cause organ failure. Creative activities are useful and exercise is important.

For your personal consultation contact Catherine at purewholeness@gmail.com

13 March 2013

History of Iridology

Alternative medicine or a natural approach to health and wellness can appear strange or daunting to some people; not all therapies are linked to religious ideologies, and I’m very sensitive to this.  My approach is simple and I work with nature as given to us by God.  I am also conscious of products that are additive, toxin free and environmentally sourced, my attitude being “the purer and more natural the better”.

A Hungarian physician by the name of Ignatz Von Peczley is considered the father of Iridology, he first published his ideas in 1893.   
The story is that Von Peczely found an owl with a broken leg when he was a boy. At the time he noticed a prominent black stripe in the iris of one eye of the owl. He nursed the bird back to health and then noticed that the black line was gone; from this single observation Von Peczely developed the notion of Iridology.
Von Peczely’s idea was that the iris maps relate to the rest of the body in some way.  Therefore the flecks of colour in the iris reflect the state of health of the various body parts and organ systems. This basic approach to treatment in Iridology is an approach that is also found in reflexology and even chiropractic practice.
Dr. Jensen is credited with keeping the practice alive in America. He launched his career as a chiropractor in 1929 and later became one of the country’s leading nutritionists.  It is with thanks to him for keeping this message alive when allopathic medicine was pushing holistic therapies aside.

Catherine is happy to assist you with any queries.

7 March 2013

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

A natural anti-inflammatory can be found in Mangosteen which has long been known by pharmacological researchers and scientists for its health-giving, anti-inflammatory properties. More than any other fruit, it has the ability to change the course of inflammation by effectively blocking the inflammatory process and the pain associated with it.
Mangosteen contains natural compounds called Xanthones. These are powerful healing agents, and have been widely studied for their medicinal value.
With their more than 40 Xanthones, Mangosteens are the best source of Xanthones known to science.
It is a proven COX-2 inhibitor and it stops the inflammatory process directly by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme.  It also inhibits inflammation's sometimes deadly influence by fighting off infection with its Xanthones.  It stops foreign bacteria or viruses from inducing the inflammatory response.
Numerous studies have shown that gamma-mangostin, one of the Xanthones in this amazing fruit, dramatically slows down the production of the COX-2 enzyme that precedes and leads to inflammation.

We are distributors of mangosteen, please get in touch with us for more information.


20 February 2013

Weight Loss with Favao

The issue of weight on wellness is becoming an epidemic.  One indicator of the seriousness of the problem is the amount of money we’re willing to spend on weight loss. Encompassing everything from extreme workout routines to fad diets to pills. But none of them can deliver what everyone wants: long-term results.

Here’s the issue: The problem is comprehensive, and the solutions are not. We gain weight when we lead increasingly sedentary lives and eat bigger portions of less-healthy food. There can’t be a quick fix to correct such fundamental problems.  The FAVAO way.
FAVAO offers wellness that works.

FAVAO isn’t a diet... It’s not a magic pill or a trendy shake or a miracle injection... You don’t spend half your day in the gym... and you don’t starve yourself.

FAVAO is a focused wellness program based on decades of research and careful consultation with doctors, nutritionists and trainers. It’s a total lifestyle reset that addresses weight-gain at its sources.

By integrating carefully formulated supplements and uncomplicated workouts with a healthy, delicious meal plan, you will look and feel your very best. More than just shedding pounds, FAVAO gives you back your energy and your confidence. 

You want to become your best self, and we want to help. Reset your wellness with FAVAO.   This wellness program is available through Pure Wholeness - get in touch, we look forward to encouraging you.

25 January 2013

Optimum Health and Wellness

As an alternative Health and Wellness Specialist I believe in finding the best alternatives to enhance one's health and wellbeing.  I have therefore become a distributor with Xango as the benefits of their health and wellness products have been well documented by various doctors and medical / clinical experts.

Xango Juice - Harnessing mangosteen’s remarkable whole-fruit properties, Xango Juice provides biologically active compounds and phytonutrients—including xanthones, catechins, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins—to support respiratory health, immune health, intestinal health and joint health. Xango Juice su
pports cardiovascular health, cartilage and joint function, intestinal health and promotes a healthy seasonal respiratory system among other benefits.
Xango Juice is the original mangosteen dietary supplement that captures the refreshing, tangy flavour and natural colour of the mangosteen fruit. Its proprietary, puree formula uses the whole mangosteen fruit - From its reddish-purple, nutrient-dense rind, to the white fleshy pulp - through which all of the mangosteen health benefits are delivered, as nature intended.

For more information please get in touch.  PureWholeness@gmail.com

Catherine McLean
Iridologist / Allergy Testing and Alernative Health and Wellenss Specialist