1 March 2024

Isn’t this an awesome feeling?

What do you think I’m going to say?  Maybe love … oh yes, it’s an amazing feeling, but it’s not the emotion I’m focusing on here.

It is the one feeling that melts away all doubts and fears immediately!  I’m referring to the feeling of relief.

Just think about how you feel when you  experience relief about anything.  You have worked exceptionally hard on a project and now it is finished on time.  A great feeling of relief is felt.  

Maybe it’s a hot day and you are feeling very thirsty.  You now enjoy a long cold drink, isn’t it a great feeling of relief when that cool liquid satisfies your body?  That first sip is such a relief, isn’t it?

A feeling of relief comes whenever something is accomplished.

Now, imagine how you will feel when you have succeeded in reaching your goal.  It is the last precious moment, but now it’s complete.  Isn’t that relief an awesome feeling?

We don’t always know when it will happen, or how it will happen, but when it does that incredible feeling of relief is amazing.

Embrace it, enjoy it.  You deserve it.

To your Ultimate Success 


26 January 2024

Nothing is Impossible

We have powerful minds and if we really put our heart and soul into something, nothing is impossible.  What do you really want for your life?  If it is in alignment with your core values I’m sure you can achieve it.  In fact I know you can.  As a Lifestyle Mentor, I help people from varying walks of life achieve their goals.  Message me if you would like to explore mentorship, I’m offering a free 30 minute chat to see how best I can help you.  

To your Ultimate Goal 


30 December 2023

Uplifting Recommendation

I am so happy and grateful for recommendations like this.  I love my work as a Lifestyle Mentor and Holistic Therapist and when I receive glowing recommendations it always makes me feel valued.

To book either online (for those outside the UK) or in-person, message me.
Let’s explore the options for you in an informal chat.
If I can help you, great.
If not, I may be able to recommend someone else who can.

Email Catherine - PureWholeness@gmail.com


1 December 2023

Use your Conscious Mind to your Advantage

If you want to have more control over your positive and negative beliefs and behaviours, it is important to train your mind to control those thought patterns.  Use your conscious mind to retrain what your subconscious mind holds.  This will help you become more aware and also create greater and more rewarding life experiences.

We all have goals we want to attain, habits that sometimes feel impossible to shake.  If you hold a dream of something that you really want you can achieve this by consciously reprogramming your subconscious mind.

What does success in all areas of your life look like to you?  

You can achieve all this and so much more.  So, go for it, try this.  If it’s something you need help with, I’m here to help you.

To your Best life



11 November 2023

Early Black Friday Sale

Please share with anyone you know who will benefit.  

Bring a friend and do this Inspired Life Program together, you will receive an additional £100 off.

Message me for a free 15 minute chat to find out more.

To your greater abundance and vitality