11 April 2013

A Natural Approach to Dementia

Dementia comes in varying forms such as impaired judgement, inability to do everyday things and a loss of personality.
My approach would be a natural one and I'd suggest various dietary principles such as a low fat intake, eat foods that are unrefined and preferably organic. Choose foods from a broad cross section that are wholesome and fresh, include whole grains and chlorophyll rich foods. Eat a good portion of protein for breakfast, high protein lunch, and high carbohydrate dinner and then relax. This order will aid your relaxation at the end of the day. Water is always important and drinking filtered water daily would be good.

It is recommended that dairy milk is eliminated from the diet, red meats and processed meats. Choose cold water fish where possible. Avoid fast foods and fried foods and reduce alcohol consumption dramatically. Eliminate any foods containing aspartamine or saccharine; these additives are toxic to our bodies. It is advisable to check your food sensitivity especially to milk and wheat.

Pain in the body causes stress, try to reduce this; I would recommend mangosteen.  Mangosteen has anti-inflammatory properties, is natural and has no toxins or additives. Mangosteen is also known to have great success with dementia sufferers. Reduce stress as much as possible, if this is not properly managed it can become a chronic situation and can cause organ failure. Creative activities are useful and exercise is important.

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