7 March 2013

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

A natural anti-inflammatory can be found in Mangosteen which has long been known by pharmacological researchers and scientists for its health-giving, anti-inflammatory properties. More than any other fruit, it has the ability to change the course of inflammation by effectively blocking the inflammatory process and the pain associated with it.
Mangosteen contains natural compounds called Xanthones. These are powerful healing agents, and have been widely studied for their medicinal value.
With their more than 40 Xanthones, Mangosteens are the best source of Xanthones known to science.
It is a proven COX-2 inhibitor and it stops the inflammatory process directly by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme.  It also inhibits inflammation's sometimes deadly influence by fighting off infection with its Xanthones.  It stops foreign bacteria or viruses from inducing the inflammatory response.
Numerous studies have shown that gamma-mangostin, one of the Xanthones in this amazing fruit, dramatically slows down the production of the COX-2 enzyme that precedes and leads to inflammation.

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