13 March 2013

History of Iridology

Alternative medicine or a natural approach to health and wellness can appear strange or daunting to some people; not all therapies are linked to religious ideologies, and I’m very sensitive to this.  My approach is simple and I work with nature as given to us by God.  I am also conscious of products that are additive, toxin free and environmentally sourced, my attitude being “the purer and more natural the better”.

A Hungarian physician by the name of Ignatz Von Peczley is considered the father of Iridology, he first published his ideas in 1893.   
The story is that Von Peczely found an owl with a broken leg when he was a boy. At the time he noticed a prominent black stripe in the iris of one eye of the owl. He nursed the bird back to health and then noticed that the black line was gone; from this single observation Von Peczely developed the notion of Iridology.
Von Peczely’s idea was that the iris maps relate to the rest of the body in some way.  Therefore the flecks of colour in the iris reflect the state of health of the various body parts and organ systems. This basic approach to treatment in Iridology is an approach that is also found in reflexology and even chiropractic practice.
Dr. Jensen is credited with keeping the practice alive in America. He launched his career as a chiropractor in 1929 and later became one of the country’s leading nutritionists.  It is with thanks to him for keeping this message alive when allopathic medicine was pushing holistic therapies aside.

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